Company Announces AdSense Business Package

Friday November 17, 2006 has announced in this press release that they will soon be offering what they consider to be a complete package of tools you can use to create your own Google AdSense business in a jiffy. With an expected price point of less than $300, the package could be extremely popular with those who seek to start a home based business by hosting and earning revenues from Google Pay Per Click ads displayed on their Web pages.

The AdSense package is expected to include three major search engine marketing components needed by anyone looking to start an AdSense home based business:
  • Web hosting to be used for publishing the AdSense ads
  • Search engine optimized content to use on the Web site displaying the AdSense ads
  • Search engine optimization software
The package is being marketed as a "home business in a box" of sorts. The company says it will pre-install all of the components necessary to get started on the customer's host server(s), so a potential AdSense home business owner doesn't need tech savvy to run this business. The bundling structure will allow clients to purchase the package for a third party as a gift, so the timing of its introduction is conveniently scheduled to coincide with the busy holiday shopping season. The product will be released with the slogan "When was the last time you bought someone a business?"

Only time will tell if this is a viable home based business package to consider, but it seems to have some potential. Keep in mind that you still need to devote time and effort to your home business in order to make it succeed, so you shouldn't expect everything to happen automatically. It's been my experience that in order to see good click through rates (CTR) on AdSense or similar ad publishing programs, the ads need to be incorporated in the Web page layout properly. Formatting and page layout issues are big when it comes to earning revenue from these types of online advertising programs. The other thing you'll need to spend some time on is analyzing your results. You'll want to know which layouts and which ads are bringing in the money.

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