Top Reasons Commenting is Good For Bloggers

Please try this. For the next week make an effort to comment on more blogs. Each day post more comments than the last, on more blogs. Comment well, not just ?ditto?. Add something of value, your own thoughts. So what was all that about? I don?t think we comment enough and I put that down to bloggers not realising the benefits. Here are the benefits as I see them, let me know if I miss any: 1. It?s the right thing to do - people complain about not enough comments on their own blog but don?t take enough time to comment on others. We all like some attention or an occasional pat on the head for a job well done. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself! 2. Make friends and influence people - Blogging is partly a networking activity. People are more likely to link to you (or more) if they have heard of you. Get yourself out there, make friends. 3. Clicks - People click your link to see what other interesting stuff you write about. Obvious but true. 4. Develop a Bloggers Eye - Find the point of interest in a story. By commenting you are training your brain to think of something interesting. 5. Create Commentable Content - By observing which posts you commented on and which you did not (or couldn?t no matter how hard you tried!) you develop an awareness of what works to attract comments. 6. Comments = Ideas - You managed to comment. Could your comment be expanded into a post ?? 7. You never know who is reading - It amazes me who reads my comments on obscure blogs that I thought only myself and a handful of others read. My comments on one blog lead to a consulting gig. You never know unless you try. 8. What you give you get more of - I strongly believe what you put out comes back to you. You will get more comments yourself. Try it. 9. Keep Match Fit - Exercise your writing muscles, the more your practice the more you improve. Comments should be short, fast, to the point and make an impact. They are excellent tests of your writing skill. 10. Comment on Fresh Blogs For Fresh Perspectives - If you are always among the same crowd you will find inevitably the same thoughts being reflected back over and over. Break out! I advise people to comment on new blogs every day. By not commenting on the same old blogs, or especially setting a goal to comment on more blogs than the day before, you will be forced to leave your blog-reading comfort zone and visit new blogs. This exposes you to new ideas, different ways of looking at things, and hopefully a way out of the echo chamber. Blogging is not just about saying your piece, it is also about going out and joining the conversation where it is happening. It?s about reaching out to people and exposing yourself (steady!) to new ideas. Some giving as well as all this taking back we focus on. Ask not what the blogosphere can do for you but what together we can do for the blogosphere. I didn?t manage to comment on more blogs every day, but I did make a ton of comments. It sparked ideas, conversations, new contacts, opened up opportunities, attracted more subscribers and I had a lot of fun. Those of you who tried it, what did you find? author : Crisg

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