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15 Tips to optimize Your pages

When doing search engine optimization (SEO), there are many aspects to consider. A good keyword selection process is important, choosing a good domain name for your site, link building, writing press releases and articles that promote your website, etc. Another aspect that is important is page optimization. You need to make sure that your web site?s pages are ?bot friendly?. Meaning that your pages should organize and display the information in a manner that the bots used by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.) will recognized your targeted keywords and give more weight to your site based on them. Here are 15 tips to optimize your pages.

  1. Make sure each page have a title tag. Your targeted keywords should be as much as possible at the beginning of the tag. You can leave your web site?s name in the title, but it is recommended that you leave it at the end.
  2. Have a meta keywords and descriptions. Although, not as important has other aspects, the description text is often used in the search engine results pages to describe your site. It should be well written and also not too long.
  3. Meta keywords should contain your primary keywords as well as common typos and grammatical errors.
  4. Use only one H1 tag by page with keywords similar to the title tag.
  5. Use sub-titles (H2 and/or H3) before each paragraph or logical section of your page. This helps readability and helps define your content for search engines.
  6. Use bullet and numbered lists and bold text to clean up the page?s content and make it easier to read.
  7. Use text links as much as possible. Image and Flash links should be avoided when possible.
  8. Include a site map with links to each of your web site?s pages.
  9. Make sure each page is unique. Don?t duplicate your content!
  10. Write content for your visitors, not for the bots! If not, your site might become difficult to read and it could get penalized.
  11. Images are never read by the bots. Avoid using images for text and titles. The same goes for Flash.
  12. When using images, always add an alt tag to describe the image. The alt tag should contain keywords related to the image and the page.
  13. Your page?s content should always contain some of your keywords. Always make sure the content of your pages remain relevant.
  14. Your home page should have links to the most important pages of your site. These links should also contain your keywords.
  15. Your site should be easy to navigate for visitors and for bots. Place links at the bottom of each of the web site?s pages to the important sections of your site. Also place a link to your site map so it is easily accessible to bots. Matt Hudson writes on Internet marketing and search engine optimization related issues. You can learn more by visiting my blog Search Engine Optimization for Beginners. http://seofornewbies.blogspot.com

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