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There should be no confusion about the theme you want your AdSense website to be based upon. For this, you need to have precise knowledge of the keywords so that all your efforts towards developing an AdSense website pay off. This is possible only if you have identified the right kind of keywords. These keywords might be the top paying keywords, niche keywords, or traffic building keywords. Keyword Country helps you conduct in-depth research on 6.5 million high paying keywords spanning over 600,000 topics. This makes Keyword Country the richest source of keywords available on the internet. Types of Keywords * High Paying Keywords * Niche Keywords * Traffic Attracting Keywords * Paid Traffic Keywords * Seasonal Keywords High Paying Keywords Focusing on the right kind of keywords is important for the success of any webmaster. It is essential to identify the keywords that are high paying, have more traffic, but less competition. Keyword Country is the richest source of keywords available on the internet. It provides instant access to 6.5 million high paying keywords spanning over 600,000 topics. Keyword Country enables you to perform advanced searches and sort the keywords with regard to competition, traffic, CPC etc. Back to Top Niche Keywords It is important for you to identify the niche markets. This will enable you to fetch the traffic that has not been targeted much, and at the same time gels well with your industry. If your competitor is leading with X traffic on one keyword, you can compete with him by targeting ten niche keywords. This will give you the same amount of traffic. Keyword country provides you with hordes of niche keywords. These niche keywords bring more target traffic to your web pages. This results in a better ROI (if you are selling products or affiliates) or an increased Adsense CTR (Click Thru Ratio) of your ads. Back to Top Traffic Attracting Keywords There are many keywords in a particular industry that don't have to face stiff competition, yet they can fetch you more traffic. Keyword Country lets you sort keywords on the basis of the traffic they draw. It helps you focus on getting more traffic to your website. You can easily recognize the traffic attracting keywords. Back to Top Paid Traffic Keywords There are a few golden high value keywords. Even if you bring paid traffic on such keywords, they will still be paying. Besides, they sometimes tend to multiply your investment. For example: you could invest X amount on Adwords to buy traffic, which would pay you back 5X in Adsense. Keyword Country helps you easily recognize paid traffic keywords. Back to Top Seasonal Keywords These keywords are active only during their season. It's only during that season that they get maximum traffic. For the rest of the year they lie inactive. Keyword Country guides you how to choose seasonal keywords during their peak value, and avoid them for the rest of the time. Back to Top Compare Traffic and Competition in Real Time Compare the traffic and competition of different Keywords in real time, and differentiate between two keywords with regard to competition and traffic. This helps you achieve higher traffic targets without much effort. You don't need to target the keywords that are more competitive. There are a lot of keywords that give you the same traffic, but are comparatively less competitive. Keyword Country enables you to discover such keywords with regard to your website. Covers more than 600,000 Categories Confused about which new Adsense topics or keywords should you use to build more content? Keyword Country lets you browse through over 600,000 topic ideas on which you can build profitable websites. Keyword Country presents over 600,000 Adsense topics to enable you to expand your website. You can choose the keywords that are related to your website, or add new keywords. This increases the size and relevance of your website. This is how your websites get better search engine rankings. Keywords Directly from Google Google started it all. Google AdSense is the leading advertisement network on the net. It is a super giant in search engine industry. Keyword Country offers access to 6.5 million keywords that are taken directly from Google (not from Overture.), as it is the most precise source of pricing data, competition, and number of sponsors. With Keyword Country, you have an edge as you get the niche keywords that drive more traffic to your website. Now you can learn about the niche keywords that boost your revenue. Accuracy is Keyword Country's biggest strength as it draws its keywords directly from Google. Keyword Country also includes the keywords that are rated high, but not the highest. Other keywords that are similar to the most expensive keywords are also included. This makes Keyword Country's database dense and more transparent. Build More Content More content means more roads to your website through search engines. Keyword Country helps you bring more traffic to your websites by enabling you to create more content pages, introduce new content sections to your website, and contemplate on 600,000 new ideas to create content on. There are some really high value keywords on which you can bring paid traffic, and yet earn huge profits. Such traffic loops are supported silently by all the search engines including Google. Keyword Country helps you recognize some useful keywords. These keywords enable you to multiply your income 6 to 10 times with regard to what you are investing in getting traffic on that keyword. Keyword Country enables you to have access to more than 6.5 million high paying Adsense keywords. These keywords are fetched from 600,000 different topics on the web. More Content = More Traffic More content means more traffic to your website. Search engines love content. Each webpage of your website makes a new entry in search engine index, and opens a new road that brings more traffic to your website. Updated at a Fast Pace The prices of the keywords fluctuate just as the share market prices do. Therefore, a webmaster must keep a close watch on the stability of the keywords before picking them. Internet forces are compelling - so much that the amount of traffic on the different keywords and their corresponding prices keep on fluctuating. Keywords and their family keep on growing like a tree. More and more keywords get into focus, fetch traffic, become niche keywords, and then become major keywords. Other keyword sources deny a valuable piece of information to the end user. The most critical question is - When are their lists updated? There is little or no mention of the time these resources take to update on the traffic, prices, and fluctuations. This means that you do not know whether the price of a keyword available to you is two days old, two weeks old, two months old, or two years old. Keyword Country is proud to stake a claim to the top slot. This has been made possible by the fact that Keyword Country updates its lists every 10 days. This is the shortest time any website on the net takes to do so.

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