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This information sold on eBay as Adsense Business in A Box Google Adsense Business in a Box - 155 Websites 155 GOOGLE ADSENSE WEBSITES - Top Paying Keywords..... 155 Adsense Websites 16,000 content rich pages google Details The ebook can be downloaded here (download all files) Advert How Would You Like To Own A Complete "No B.S, Make Money NOW", AdSense Pure Profit Pak, and keep ALL the profits? AdSense Business In-A-Box is a collection of a whopping 155 Adsense ready web sites, complete with multiple articles for each web site, keys words and each site is already optimized so that you can start making an Adsense income immediately! From: Your Name Date: Dear Friend, There are literally TONS of books out there telling you how to make money with adsense! How many do you own? Have they helped you at all? Have you made a single cent more because of them? Actually, some of them are quite good, but there's an important piece that's missing from every one of them, an important piece that's preventing you from taking advantage of that VERY lucrative way to make unlimited amounts of money. In fact, Adsense is SUCH a lucrative source of income that there are many people who make an excellent living doing nothing but Adsense! What if..... ? I could offer you a solution that required absolutely NO technical knowledge, a plug and play way to start yourself on the road to Adsense bucks - would you be interested? What if this was so simple that you didn't have to know html, didn't have to read ANY books on Adsense if you didn't want to, in fact, all you had to do was make a simple change to insert YOUR Adsense account info on the ready-made pages and upload them into some directories that you set up, then run them in the search engines, blogs or any number of things that you can do to drive traffic to your web pages? Would you be interested? There IS an answer! The Adsense Business In-A-Box is a 4 volume collection of a whopping 155 Adsense ready web sites, almost 70megs zipped! It's complete with multiple articles for each web site, keys words and each site is already optimized so that you can start making an Adsense income immediately! A completely Plug and Play Solution! AND they all come WITH Master Resell Rights! You can customize the pages, or not, add articles, subtract articles, add pages, add related products - or simply do nothing but upload them and run them in the search engines, blogs, in your sig file and any other place that you can think of listing them! This is the first of it's kind, COMPLETE answer to getting started with Adsense that requires absolutely no knowledge, no training, has no learning curve, in fact, the ONLY things that you have to do is to use the simple 'replacer' tool to stick your Adsense link in each of the pages, upload your pages using FTP, and get them listed in the search engines! It couldn't be easier! Welcome to "Adsense Business In-A-Box" Complete Adsense Pure Profit Pak Here's some of the Adsense web site topics that you can start making money with now Accounting Acne Adsense Advertising Aerobics Affiliate Alternative Articles Attraction Auctions Audio Streaming Auto Care Auto Parts Auto ResponderS Aviation Babies Toddler Baby Bankruptcy Bathroom Beauty Bedroom Blogging Body Building Book Marketing Book Review Branding Breast Cancer Broadband Internet Business Business Loan Business Plan Cance Car Buying Career Car Insurance Car Loan Car Maintenance Cars Casino Cell Phone Chat Christmas Claims Coaching Coffee College University Computer Tips Cooking Cooking Tips Copywriting Cosmetics Craft Creative Writing Credit Credit Cards Credit Repair Currency Trading Data Recovery Dating Debt Relief Diabetics Diet Digital Camera Diving Divorce Domain Driving Tips Ebay Ebook Ecommerce Email Marketing E Marketing Essay Ezine Fashion Finance Fishing Fitness Flu Furniture Gambling Golf Google GPS Hair Hair Loss HDTV Health Insurance Heart Disease Hobbies Holiday Home Business Home Improvement Home Organization Interior Design Internet Tips Investment Jewelry Kitchen Ladies Accessories Lawyer LCD / PLASMA Legal Life Insurance Lingerie Love Mailing List Make Money Mortgage MP3 Music Network Marketing Online Shopping Paid Survey PC Games Perfume Personal Injury Pay Per Click Pregnancy Publishing Real Estate Recipe Recreation Relationship Resume Romance RSS Sales Letter Self Employment SEO Shoes Small Business Smoking Software Spam Sports Spyware Stress Trading Travel Vacation Rental Video Conferencing Video Streaming Virus VOIP Web Design Web Development Web Hosting Website Traffic Wedding Weight Loss Wine Women Writing Tips Lets do a quick potential earnings you can do with with 155 optimized Adsense ready websites... If each website earns you about $30/month (that is, if every website is generating the minimum $1 each day). Multiply this to 155 websites and you got $4650/month, and this is a very minimal calculate of your potential earnings. Did I leave anything out? Is there anything left? You can use some of these web sites, or all of them. You don't have to have a different domain for each of them, there's no need. Simply create the appropriate directories and upload each web site into it's own directory. If you have related products, you can add them in, or have someone add them in for you. This complete package comes 155 Adsense Optimized Web Sites, a simple read-me file to show you how to use the 'Replacer' tool, PPC Basics and Adsense Tips Everything comes with 100% Master Resell Rights! Only $97 $39.95 That's less than 26 cents per Profit Producing Web Site! It's an incredible Business Opportunity for you AND your customers, and a great service that you're providing for them too! 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